Membership Management

We can manage your affiliate campaigns.

Our teams can take charge of the various tasks related to affiliation, ranging from :

  • Building a comprehensive affiliate strategy
  • Find specific affiliates
  • Make IAB and other graphic creations
  • Manage and animate an affiliation campaign
  • Implementing a programme from start to finish
  • Manage affiliate payments for you
  • Take 100% control of your affiliation and manage everything for you

Affiliation has changed a lot in recent years, and this marketing technique should be seen as something new now.

No more old-fashioned affiliation, with disreputable platforms and “cookie-eating” affiliates, from now on you must manage your campaigns yourself, without going through platforms.

In this respect we work with Affilae, which offers a “self-service” tool that we master and with which we can offer you something really qualitative.

A good affiliate campaign starts with knowing what you want to do. So the first step is to ask yourself how you want to work this marketing technique.

Then comes the choice of partners, and the types of campaigns to set up.

Affiliation is a technique that in itself justifies a comprehensive strategy: it is vast.

Contact us, we can offer you a quality service, competent, experienced and above all – with a very high level of responsiveness.